Streamline Your Sales Process: CRM Software with Deal Tracking

Sales teams can track their leads, deals, and sales activities with the aid of CRM software with deal tracking solutions called sales tracking tools. Lead management, deal monitoring, sales forecasting, and reporting are just a few of the capabilities that deal tracking often provides. Sales teams may improve cooperation, boost productivity, and gain better visibility into their sales pipeline by adopting a sales monitoring application. See other information on

Streamline Your Sales Process: CRM Software with Deal Tracking

CRM Software with Deal Tracking: Weflow

CRM Software with Deal Tracking: Weflow
CRM Software with Deal Tracking: Weflow

To help you utilize Salesforce data to its full potential, Weflow provides a number of capabilities, including:

When something in your pipeline deviates from plan, it notifies you. You will be informed, for instance, if there hasn’t been any deal activity for a long period of time or if a closure date has been postponed excessively. To receive notifications for particular occurrences, you can set up customized alerts.
Weflow offers thorough data on your sales pipeline to keep you updated on the performance of your team and the standing of each opportunity. These can then be used to spot trends, project sales, and come to data-driven conclusions.

You may keep track of your team’s sales activity using Weflow, including phone calls, emails, meetings, and other particular actions. The best part is that using quick actions, logging any custom behavior is simple.
To make it simple to keep track of all your correspondence with prospects and customers, the Weflow Chrome plugin automatically logs emails from your team in Salesforce.
With its free plan, Weflow provides users with access to crucial tools like deal alerts and pipeline reports. You must switch to a subscription plan if you require more sophisticated capabilities like deal tracking sales activity and email logging.

Among Weflow’s paid plans are:

Team: The Team plan has an unlimited number of users and costs $39 per user each month. Users have access to note templates, bulk updates, group reports, and other capabilities in addition to those offered by the free plan.
Business – The $59/user/month Business plan includes a wide range of services, such as personalized offer alerts, automatic email logging, and more.

CRM Software with Deal Tracking: Sales Cloud by Salesforce

To manage your sales pipeline and track important data, Salesforce Sales Cloud provides a wealth of options.

One of Salesforce Sales Cloud’s main attributes is:

Lead management – Salesforce helps organizations save time by automatically directing and allocating leads to the appropriate reps. It can be used to create automated workflows that can speed up your sales process.

Sales analytics and reporting – Salesforce allows you to build comprehensive reports on your sales pipeline that include information about the performance of your team and the current state of each opportunity.
Sales forecasting – With Salesforce Sales Cloud, you also have the choice to make personalized sales projections based on prior data and open doors. Additionally, you can assess your progress in relation to your forecast and make any revisions.
Using Weflow to connect to your Salesforce account will improve data accuracy and save your team time.

The Essentials plan for Salesforce Sales Cloud’s various pricing tiers starts at $25 per user per month. This plan includes all necessary capabilities for deal tracking and managing sales.

However, you’ll need to select one of the more expensive plans if you want to access forecasting, opportunity and lead scoring, quotation management, and advanced reporting tools.

CRM Software with Deal Tracking: Google Sales Hub

CRM Software with Deal Tracking: Google Sales Hub
CRM Software with Deal Tracking: Google Sales Hub

HubSpot Sales Hub is an all-in-one sales automation solution that gives sales teams the functionality they need to streamline their sales processes, from lead generation and contact management to deal close. It is much more than just a CRM software with deal tracking .

The top capabilities for HubSpot’s sales monitoring include:

Dashboards that can be customized – Sales teams have access to a dashboard that they can customize to access and monitor their sales funnel, which includes deals, leads, and opportunities. The dashboard offers reports that provide insights into the performance of the sales force, such as the quantity of deals closed, the typical deal size, and the average deal closing time.
Email monitoring is a feature that Sales Hub offers, allowing sales teams to monitor email opens, clicks, and answers.

Conversation intelligence: To help you find areas for development, the AI-powered assistant records, tracks, examines, and transcripts your sales calls. It’s a terrific feature for keeping track of new reps’ progress and assisting them in catching up more quickly.
Starter, Professional, and Enterprise are the three pricing tiers available for HubSpot Sales Hub. The Starter package, which includes two users by default, starts at $50 per user per month and includes rudimentary capabilities like email CRM software with deal tracking and sales automation.

More sophisticated capabilities like sales automation, predictive lead scoring, and custom reporting are included with the $500/month Professional plan. All of the features of the Professional plan are included in the custom-priced Enterprise plan, along with more sophisticated security and support.

CRM Software with Deal Tracking: Copper

Specifically for small and medium-sized organizations, Copper is a CRM product. Features of its sales management and tracking system include:

Sales forecasting: Copper includes a sales forecasting tool that gives you information about the deals being worked on by your sales force, including the likelihood that they will close and the anticipated revenue.
Copper gives sales representatives the ability to track their email correspondence, including email openings and clicks. Additionally, based on email interaction and website visits, it is capable of automatically scoring leads.
Sales reporting – You can select from a range of report templates to build sales reports that are tailored to your particular business requirements.

Starting at $29 per user per month, copper. Users of the Basic plan can access functions including task management, email integration, and pipeline management.

The Professional package, which costs $69 per user each month, offers bulk email sending and automated sales workflow.

CRM Software with Deal Tracking: Close

CRM Software with Deal Tracking: Close
CRM Software with Deal Tracking: Close

Close is an all-in-one platform for automating sales and managing customer relationships. It provides an excellent toolkit for CRM software with deal tracking:

Multiple pipelines – Close enables you to build numerous pipelines that are customized for various teams, products, and procedures.
Opportunities view – Close’s sales reporting enables you to determine KPIs for your sales force, find funnel leaks, and maximize your revenue.
Deal reporting and forecasting – Over a specified period of time, you can keep track of the actual and anticipated values at each stage of your pipeline.
The first month’s cost for Close is $29 per user.

CRM Software with Deal Tracking: Attio

A number of capabilities for CRM software with deal tracking and analytics are available on the cutting-edge deal tracking platform Attio.

The platform’s major goals are simple sales reporting and analytics:

Detailed reporting – Attio provides cutting-edge analytics to assist you in finding trends and patterns in your sales data so you can make better decisions.
Views that can be customized – There are numerous ways to group, arrange, and filter your contacts and deals.
Extension for Chrome Without switching to the Attio interface, quickly access your ┬ádeal tracking. For instance, while looking through your prospect’s website or LinkedIn profile, you can view your deal activity or make changes to your contact information.
For small teams, Attio provides a free plan. Paid plans begin at $29/user/month.


Unless you choose a top-notch sales monitoring tool, managing and reporting sales data might take hours of work every day. Choose a product from our ranking of the best CRM software with deal tracking alternatives, and you won’t ever have to deal with sales reporting or analytics again.

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