Top CRM Software With Territory Management

Businesses that serve a vast clientele group their prospects into territories based on shared attributes like region, business kind, business size, referral source, needs, etc. CRM software with territory management is a technique used by sales managers to help their salespeople prioritize and concentrate on the leads that have been allotted to them. By setting up sales teams according to regions, you can also see which sales professionals are hitting their goals and which potential sales areas need improvement. Read more on

Why should sales mapping employ sales CRM software with territory management tools?

Why should sales mapping employ sales CRM software with territory management tools?
Why should sales mapping employ sales CRM software with territory management tools?

CRM software with territory management will benefit reps in many ways, whether you’re expanding your staff or selling in new territories.

The mapping of field sales activities can greatly benefit from the use of CRM software with territory management technologies, which are used in sectors like real estate and delivery services. You can:

  • Using the majority of sales territory CRM software with territory management.
  • With numerous representations, you can easily see each sales rep’s territory.
  • Make sure that teams and reps have an equal distribution of the regions.
  • Make regions out of expansive spaces.
  • Prepare the path for face-to-face meetings.
  • Utilize data visualization to ascertain the profitability of each sector.

Your risk of missing opportunities is reduced by having a comprehensive understanding of your market coverage. You can rapidly adjust tasks, assign areas strategically, and record prospect encounters while you’re on the move. When your territory strategy is embedded in a local system, it is considerably more challenging to complete, or at the very least takes more time.

The best sales CRM software with territory management solutions integrate with other platforms, like video calling and lead creation tools, so you can manage your complete sales process in one location. Some systems will provide in-depth analyses of your team’s sales activity, allowing you to focus more resources on profitable areas and address problems in underperforming ones. Sales representatives may access the same map and communicate in real time from any place or device with the use of cloud-based mapping tools. Your staff will spend less time on monotonous duties this way and more time concentrating on bringing in money.

Top CRM Software With Territory Management

Top CRM Software With Territory Management
Top CRM Software With Territory Management

Pipedrive: A complete sales solution

For teams in sales and marketing, there is a platform called Pipedrive that manages client relationships (CRM). You can quickly configure your pipeline using templates, visualize your whole sales process, and engage with your team on every contract thanks to its CRM software with territory management features.

The platform makes it simple for you to manage your leads, customize each touchpoint, and get thorough reports to assess your sales effectiveness. Pipedrive is particularly excellent for international teams and is utilized by more than 100,000 businesses in approximately 180 countries.

Each Pipedrive account has Google Maps installed, so you can utilize the “Show on map” option to view each prospect’s location and filter based on certain criteria. Additionally, a real-time sales territory solution is combined with the strength of Pipedrive’s CRM software with territory management, marketing automation, and sales data through integration with Mapsly.

Badger Maps: Quickly plan your route

A tool for route and area planning used by field sales teams is called Badger Maps. You may easily reassign accounts to your sales staff, estimate commute time, and manage your upselling opportunities using colors and filters.

To quickly evaluate prospects and determine the most important prospect meetings for the day, visualize your sales region. Make the most of your free time at the last minute by using filters to manage your calendar and locate prospective drop-in possibilities if a meeting is postponed.

Gain access to interactive training, pick up the basics quickly, and start using the app like a pro. For desktop, iOS, and Android devices, this app is accessible.

Why add Badger Maps to your toolkit for managing your sales territory?

  • Automated call and activity logging, record updating, and note saving
  • Receive customized onboarding and instruction
  • Features specifically designed for sales executives to gather information from field sales representatives
  • Suitable for both large groups and lone field sales representatives
  • Combines with leading CRM software with territory management like Pipedrive

SPOTIO: A tool for precise field organizing

SPOTIO: A tool for precise field organizing
SPOTIO: A tool for precise field organizing

By automating tedious data entry activities and showing field sales staff the quickest routes to their daily meetings, SPOTIO is a platform that increases rep productivity.

Sales representatives can use this technology to manage leads and appointments, gather data automatically in the field, and see their sales map to prevent overlaps and gaps. Routes can be planned, conversations with prospects can be automatically recorded, and sales people can use the talk-to-text capability to swiftly take notes while out in the field.

You can see more of what is going on in the field thanks to location tracking and personalized reports. This is crucial for leading remote teams, yet 67% of sales managers said it was difficult. With options for data filtering depending on pipeline stage or last visit outcome, SPOTIO helps sales people remain productive and organized while out in the field.

Maptive: Worldwide teams

Field sales teams can swiftly convert Excel and Google Sheets spreadsheets into sales-route maps using Maptive, a platform for sales territory mapping. The user interface of Maptive is straightforward and simple to use; coding knowledge is not necessary. It is customizable to your brand and accessible from any device. For instance, you can upload customized photos, pick a certain map layout, and change the color of your pins.

This CRM software with territory management enables straightforward route planning and area optimization. Sales representatives can easily alter their itinerary by dragging and dropping pins on the map. Users have the option to add up to 70 stops to a route. To plan out their future moves and compute distances, field sales teams can use the “Location Finder” and “Distance Calculation” tools.


A centralized system called sales management CRM software with territory management assists in putting sales strategies into practice, managing sales activities to increase productivity, and accelerating sales. Taking charge of a sales staff is no easy task. You can find yourself getting entangled in a maze of different tools as you look for a good sales management CRM software with territory management to help you track KPIs, assign leads to sales teams, monitor sales pipeline, and analyze lost transactions. Finally, the main goal of having quick access to sales information is undermined, and productivity plummets.

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