5 Best CRM Software with Data Visualization 2023

CRM software with data visualization may actually do more harm than good to an organization due to the difficulty in finding specific information, the high chance of confusion, and the risk that numerous studies of the same data set by different people could produce wildly different results.

Through the use of interactive CRM software with data visualization, modern analytics software has significantly advanced the idea underlying data visualization. Companies may now take use of this fantastic tool and use it to their advantage.

ngcloudy.com will provide 5 best CRM software with data visualization in this post.

5 best CRM software with data visualization

CRM software with data visualization
CRM software with data visualization


For small and medium-sized sales teams, pipedrive serves as a CRM and sales pipeline management application. It is jointly constructed by ardent salespeople and former Skypers. Pipedrive sets up leads so that you always have a clear picture of sales and are forced to concentrate on the key opportunities first.

You will always arrive at a single, streamlined picture of your sales process when you launch Pipedrive. Your team becomes more united and receives clarity as a result. Your emails, calls, and advancement are all automatically recorded.

Pipedrive makes space for you to concentrate on what you do best. Pipedrive keeps your actions on-point, not off-target, and your goals realistic, not idealistic because the pipeline serves as your beginning point.

Pipedrive integrates with Google Contacts, Google Calendar and other Google apps, and can be accessed via desktop or mobile device.

Pipedrive is accessible from a desktop or mobile device and connects with Google Contacts, Google Calendar, and other Google apps.
Key advantages of using Pipedrive

  • Our Pipeline View provides you with the finest overview possible of active deals.
    A Timeline View forecast for a current month or quarter is correct.
  • Everything can be changed: Pipedrive is incredibly simple to adapt to your needs.
  • Excellent reporting: establish team and individual goals and track outcomes in real time.
  • Rock-solid hosting, daily backups to several locations, and secure encryption.
  • Saves you time: We got rid of the aspects that make traditional CRMs take forever.
  • Easily connects to other programs like MailChimp, RightSignature, Contactually, and Ecquire plus has a strong API for custom integrations.
  • Syncs with Google Calendar and Contacts, Dropbox for Gmail.


CRM software with data visualization
CRM software with data visualization

Through the automation of key business operations and the provision of real-time visibility into operational and financial performance, NetSuite, an all-in-one cloud business management system, assists more than 36,000 enterprises in running more efficiently.

NetSuite enables businesses clear view of their information and control over their business with a single, integrated suite of apps for managing accounting, order processing, inventory management, production, supply chain, and warehousing operations.

Key advantages of utilizing NetSuite Improve productivity by automating essential tasks and obtaining real-time information on business and financial performance.

  • Automate Financial Procedures. the effectiveness, efficiency, and productivity of financial activities.
  • Increase inventory visibility. Track inventory levels, reduce carrying costs, and timely deliver orders.
  • Supply chain optimization. Organize the movement of products along the entire value chain, from suppliers to consumers.
  • Effective Order Management. Streamline the ordering and purchasing procedures.
  • Boost warehouse effectiveness. Improve picking accuracy and put-away efficiency.


CRM software with data visualization
CRM software with data visualization

The simple-to-use CRM called Copper was created for Google and comes highly recommended. Thanks to its easy interaction with Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) and lovely user interface, you can get set up in a matter of minutes. Automate monotonous work, manage projects and deadlines, and create more worthwhile, enduring connections. Over 30,000 enterprises in more than 110 countries receive services from Copper.

The following are Copper’s main advantages: • Manage everything from your mailbox. Thanks to Copper’s Google Workspace integration (Gmail, Google Calendar, Docs, etc.), you can stop constantly switching tabs.

Track your transactions. Every aspect of every trade is always known because emails, calls, and tasks are immediately stored in the contact’s profile.

  • Use time wisely. With the helpful follow-up reminders provided by Copper, you’ll never forget to do something again.
  • Use less time to send more emails. You won’t need to write emails from scratch again if you use email templates and bulk email.
  • Maintain organization while multitasking. You may handle several product lines and services with various sales stages thanks to multiple pipelines.
  • Project your income. Keep track of your progress and determine whether you’ll generate enough revenue with the reporting choices.


Capsule is an intuitive CRM software with data visualization that helps organizations organize themselves, manage contacts, develop partnerships, and increase sales.

Whether they are leads, suppliers, or investors, Capsule lets you keep track of all your contacts in one location. You can sort and find the contacts you need quickly and easily with Capsule’s advanced filters and tags. You can add related tasks and keep a record of all correspondence you’ve had with a contact alongside their information in your contacts.

Managing your sales possibilities is simple with our drag-and-drop drag-and-drop visual sales pipeline. Create sales procedures that are connected to each sales stage, then add your sales opportunities to Capsule. All opportunities, who they belong to, their value, and their milestone will be visible at a glance. Afterward, you can use our analytical sales and activity reports to analyze your complete sales process.

Our calendar and task tools make sure you never miss an important occasion again and let you plan your day around the chores you need to complete.

Key advantages of capsule use
Main advantages are:

  • All of your contacts, from clients and partners to leads and investors, may be managed with ease. Add tasks to the contacts in your contact list, and keep a record of all your correspondence with them.
  • Using Tasks, keep a list of everything you need to do to follow up with your contacts.
  • You can quickly filter and categorize your contacts and sales possibilities using custom fields and tags to create helpful lists.
  • Other services including MailChimp, Google Apps, Gmail, Xero, Freshbooks, Zapier, and others are integrated with Capsule.
  • Utilize a sales pipeline in the kanban manner to manage sales prospects.
  • Capsule can be organized into teams for improved task and communication focus. To secure data control, use the user access controls.


Customers can see, connect, and manage complex projects that are changing the world thanks to Quickbase. The no-code CRM software with data visualization platform enables business users to tailor solutions to the way they work, leveraging data from all of the systems they already have, whether they are building a skyscraper or organizing vaccination rollouts.

Big ideas are difficult to put into action. Therefore, regardless of how complicated the job is, we are here to assist you. This is Quickbase.

  • Use Quickbase to deliver agility and visibility to the distinct operational operations at the edge of your organization to make better decisions faster.
  • By combining data from several systems, you can uncover hidden operational insights and use them in solutions that are specifically designed for you.
  • Why By safely including more people in the creation and improvement of digital solutions, we can respond to change more quickly, discover better methods of operation, and free up limited development resources.


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