Optimize Your Sales Funnel: CRM Software With Lead Scoring

In order to identify the feasibility of sales possibilities and nurture the prospects most likely to convert, firms use CRM software with lead scoring, which automatically evaluates leads. The best scoring software often includes built-in scoring capability based on predetermined demographics and consumer behavior. We’ve ranked the best choices and what each excels at to make it easier for you to make your decision. Read more on ngcloudy.com

How the Best CRM software with lead scoring Was Rated

Every option you evaluated had lead scoring as a minimum because lead scoring software is a feature of many top CRM software with lead scoring and marketing automation programs. We used six weighted evaluation factors crucial to lead scoring software to find the top candidates. The ultimate winner and greatest value was determined to be the lead scoring software with the highest overall score across the six categories. Every top-scoring choice’s key use cases were also determined.

CRM software with lead scoring: Zoho CRM

CRM software with lead scoring: Zoho CRM
CRM software with lead scoring: Zoho CRM

In order to score leads for further nurturing, Zoho CRM, a sales and marketing CRM software with lead scoring, helps create leads from various channels. Users can use email and social media campaigns to get in touch with leads, and they can define scoring criteria depending on the leads’ demographics and level of interaction, such as Facebook likes, comments, and messages, as well as website visits and email opens, clicks, and bounces. Because of this, Zoho CRM is appropriate for businesses who use multi-channel marketing to generate leads.

Our top-rated lead scoring choice, Zoho CRM, has a user interface that might be challenging to understand and might be lacking important sales CRM functions. Instead, go to Freshsales if you require a sales-forward lead scoring alternative.

Key Features of Zoho CRM

  • Email marketing: Custom fields add specific consumer data to email designs.
  • Lead management: Automatically rate leads and follow them through your pipeline.
  • Analytics: Transforms lead data into knowledge you can utilize to concentrate on key deals.
  • Task management: Generate tasks, monitor interactions, and check history for each lead.
  • Features for sales operations include the ability to create invoices, pricing quotes, and product catalogues.

CRM software with lead scoring: Freshsales

For lead scoring, lead prediction, and deal management, Freshsales, a top CRM, employs strong AI. For you to evaluate prospects in your pipeline, Freddy, its AI assistant, scores sales leads based on traits and behavior. Freddy provides data for sales forecasting in addition to this predictive scoring, and he also initiates follow-ups to keep negotiations moving. Freshsales is therefore a wonderful option for businesses looking to rank, organize, and nurture the best leads in their pipeline.

Although Freshsales is the greatest choice for generating sales leads, it can be lacking some marketing elements. Try HubSpot Marketing Hub for an enterprise-level marketing solution or Zoho CRM for a less expensive option for a more comprehensive marketing lead scoring option.

Key Features of Freshsales

  • AI Assistant: AI-driven CRM features offer practical knowledge for improved engagement.
  • Predictive Scoring: Determine which leads in your pipeline have the greatest chance of closing.
  • Lead management: Drag-and-drop pipelines make it easier to follow leads as they progress through the sales cycle.
  • Customer support is offered five days a week by phone or by live chat around-the-clock.
  • Create inbound leads for free with live chat and online email forms.

CRM software with lead scoring: The HubSpot Marketing Hub

CRM software with lead scoring: The HubSpot Marketing Hub
CRM software with lead scoring: The HubSpot Marketing Hub

HubSpot provides HubSpot Marketing Hub, an all-in-one platform for marketing automation and management. In addition to lead scoring, it provides sophisticated marketing capabilities including blog and SEO administration, social network management, sponsored ad management, email marketing automation, and more. It even smoothly interacts with HubSpot’s CRM and service platforms, both of which have a free tier.

However, lead scoring is only offered in their subscription tiers, which start at $800 per month. Check out Zoho CRM if you require a less priced lead scoring option with marketing functionality.

Key Features of HubSpot Marketing Hub

  • Blog management: Create, refine, and publish material straight to your website.
  • Plan your content strategy and make your blog entries SEO-friendly with the help of SEO tools.
  • Manage your natural social media initiatives.
  • Automate the lead scoring process by using bots to qualify and deliver leads on a large scale.

CRM software with lead scoring: ActiveCampaign

A top email marketing program with a CRM integrated in is called ActiveCampaign. With this configuration, you can utilize marketing automations to send segmented lists tailored email campaigns and then use AI to score the leads you’ve created based on their behavior. Over 500 prebuilt workflows can then be activated using the scores to generate highly customized, powerful messages. Businesses with a marketing emphasis that wish to automate email marketing based on lead scoring can utilize ActiveCampaign.

Although ActiveCampaign has a native CRM, there are other CRM software with lead scoring that are better and provide lead scoring features. Visit Freshsales if you require a more powerful CRM.

Key Features of ActiveCampaign

  • Build intelligent, expertly designed, and tailored emails for email marketing.
  • Design marketing automations using a drag-and-drop visual editor with the automation builder.
  • Create deals based on customer activity and manage them in your pipeline using the deal manager.
  • Lead Scoring: Using AI-powered insights, determine which leads are ready to speak with sales.
  • Customizable Dashboard: Simple menu options are accessible with little difficulty.

CRM software with lead scoring: Salesforce Foundations

CRM software with lead scoring: Salesforce Foundations
CRM software with lead scoring: Salesforce Foundations

For businesses with longer or more complicated sales processes, Salesforce Essentials, a small business CRM product, offers numerous pipeline views and powerful reporting dashboards. Although Essentials lacks native lead scoring functionality, it offers a robust app marketplace with a variety of lead scoring integration choices that help you select the ideal scoring software for your needs. For native lead scoring, upgrade to its enterprise-level Sales Cloud.

Although Salesforce Essentials is an effective sales CRM software with lead scoring with a big market for lead scoring connectors, it does not come with native lead scoring capabilities until you upgrade to one of their enterprise levels. Instead, give Freshsales a try if you want a strong sales CRM software with lead scoring with native lead scoring.

Key Features of Salesforce Essentials

  • Lead tracking: A dynamic timeline enables you to view current activity and customer details.
  • Third-Party Integrations: Use apps from the AppExchange to personalize the CRM.
  • Lead Routing: Sales leads may be graded and automatically routed to the appropriate salesperson.
  • Team Chats: Use the CRM to have direct conversations with other team members.
  • Contact management: Create contact records with sophisticated data that the team may view.


Businesses utilize lead scoring tools to assess the possibility of each business opportunity. Companies can construct scales and benchmarks to rank prospects against by employing this kind of software. Lead scoring software can assist teams in concentrating on those lead opportunities that are most likely to result in sales because a sales team’s time can be important and leads can be numerous. Salespeople who are focused on high-potential leads might spend less time on leads that aren’t as promising and use that time to develop stronger message for clients who are more likely to buy.

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