Fujifiilm’s Instax mini EVO: The Creative Reboot You’ve Been Seeking

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Author’s Note: While Fujifilm loaned Petapixel this camera for review, this story is not sponsored and reflects my opinions about the camera with no Fujifilm intervention. In addition to this review, my above video contains more thoughts about this camera and its unique features.

A Triple Threat

The primary function of the mini EVO is to print images of the company’s Instax mini film. You can think of the camera as an Instax printer in disguise or as an Instax camera that has stepped into the digital world.

The Fujifilm Instax mini EVO shares a lot of resemblance to the company’s X100 lineup; in fact, it looks quite a bit like a mashup between the X100 and a Fisher Price camera. Made of plastic, the camera is lightweight but just a bit too big to fit in most pockets; it barely fits in one of my pairs of jeans that happens to be a bit stretchy but fits nicely in a jacket pocket. A camera strap is included, but this doesn’t feel like the type of camera to hang around your neck.

The camera costs $200, and you get a creative device where the whole is better than the sum of its parts. The digital camera features are limited in their resolution, the prints are to the smaller Instax mini format, and printing images from a smartphone is output at a lower resolution than photos taken on the camera.